Dance Etc. Dance & Tumbling Instruction Cincinnati
Dance Etc. Dance & Tumbling Instruction Cincinnati
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Dance and Tumbling Classes - Ages 3 and 4 Years (Boys Age 4)

Dance Etc. Ballet Bears

Ballet Bears

These popular classes offer 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tumbling. A perfect way to introduce your child to dance and tumbling. There are classes for beginners as well as for those with some dance experience. 60 minutes.

Ballet is a fun, positive way to introduce 3- and 4-year-olds to ballet. Since they are just learning how their bodies move, this class works on basic skills: balancing, weight transfers, jumping, skipping, counting, etc.; skills that seem quite simple to adults but are actually difficult and complicated for young children. Fun props are used, such as colorful scarves, hula hoops, etc. A new, fun "theme" is introduced every two weeks. Our goals are to:
  • Introduce simple dance steps and vocabulary
  • Develop an appreciation of music
  • Ignite the power and excitement of the imagination
  • Remove inhibitions and social blocks
  • Develop an appreciation of innate value and uniqueness of self
Most ballet bears classes will perform a dance routine in the Spring Showcase.

What to wear: Black or solid pastel pink leotard (any sleeve length), pastel pink footless tights, pastel pink ballet shoes (not house slippers), optional ballet skirt (must be above the knee). No jewelry, no T-shirts. Hair should be pulled back.
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Dance Etc. Tumblebears

Tumblebears 1

Tumblebears 1 (ages 3-4) is a fun way to learn headstands, cartwheels, handstands, bridges, obstacle courses, etc. The classes also use special equipment designed just for kids! 45 minutes. BOYS MUST BE AGE 4 or have permission from a Dance Etc. instructor.

What to wear: Leotard (any color), bare feet. Optional shorts. No jewelry, no T-shirts. Hair pulled back. Boys wear T-shirt and shorts.
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Dance Etc. Kinder-Cheer Class

Kinder-Cheer, Ages 4-6

In this fun 60-minute class, kids learn cheerleading and tumbling basics while building flexibility and confidence! Arm motions, cheers, chants, dance, jumps, and tumbling. A great place to start for future cheerleaders. Students must have turned 4 years old by the start of class.
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